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Cleaners From Venus – Volume Three (remastered) (Limited Edition Box)

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Cleaners From Venus – Volume Three (remastered) (Limited Edition Box) 1985-92

4 LP für 69.99

VOE-Datum: 27.06.2014

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Anzahl der Medien: 4

Format: LP

Preis: 69.99

* Alben: Living With Victoria Grey / Number Thirteen / My Back Wages / Extra Wages

HNUM: 5121889

EAN: 0817949019815

Volume Three (remastered) (Limited Edition Box)

Disk 1
1Victoria Grey (1)
2Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me
3Clara Bow
4Follow The Plough
5Stay On
6What’s Going On (In Your Heart)
7The Mercury Girl
8Armistice Day
10Victoria Grey (2)
Disk 2
1The Jangling Man
2No Go (For Louis Macneice)
4Man For Our Time
5Here She Crashes
6A Street Called Prospect
7Minesweeping Memory Lane
8Germayne (Like A Cathedral)
9Boy From The Home Counties
10The Tear Collector
11Christmas In Suburbia
Disk 3
1Stay Lit
2Gulf War Song
3Smash Yore Watch
4You Should Have Called
5Arcadian Boys
6Crane Driver
7She Rings The Changes
8Before The Hurricane
9Clara Bow
10When My Ship Comes In
11Incident In A Greatcoat
12Haunt Your House
Disk 4
1It Could Have Been Cheryl
2The Iceberg And Unicorn
3The World Strikes One
4The Princes Of Suburbia
5Rusty Iron Sun
6Gatecrashing Oyster Park
7Finding My Own Way Home
8Red Guitars And Silver Tambourines
9Everytime I Go Up
10The Green Gold Girl Of The Summer
11We’ll Build A House

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69,99 €

inkl. 16% gesetzlicher MwSt.