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Cleaners From Venus – On Any Normal Monday

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Cleaners From Venus – On Any Normal Monday 1982

1 LP für 24.99

VOE-Datum: 21.04.2012

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Anzahl der Medien: 1

Format: LP

Preis: 24.99

HNUM: 2488537

EAN: 0817949014636

On Any Normal Monday

Product Information

With sleeves designed by Newell’s partner at the time-often hand-colored in by Newell and Elliot themselves – the Cleaners From Venus had their second album. This jangle-pop classic album has been completely remastered and offered on vinyl for the first time, keeping the Cleaners‘ unique sounds, but also making the listening experience more audible.

Disk 1
1Night Starvation
2Tukani (Monday Is Grey)
3A Girl With Cars In Her Eyes
4I Can’t Stop Holding On
5Living On Nerve Ends
6I Wanna Do That
7European War
8Hungry Day
10Be An Idiot Popstar
11Marilyn On A Train (1982)

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24,99 €

inkl. 16% gesetzlicher MwSt.