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Videopremiere: Mumrunner – Cascais


Mumrunner: Shoegaze-Punk aus dem hohen Norden

Kurz nach ihrer Europatour überraschen uns die Finnen von Mumrunner mit dem ersten Musikvideo ihrer Geschichte. Cascais stammt von ihrer 2016er Gentle Slopes EP.

Mumrunner selbst zum Video:

The idea of ​the​ video was to put​ ​the band members ​amongst the scenario ​and scenery of ​W​orld ​W​ar II. ​The ​video was shot with an old 16mm film camera from the early ​19​60’s to achieve ​a ​similar feeling and ​picture quality ​with​ the​ ​used ​archive material​,​ so it’s hard to tell which ​shots ​are old and which​ are n​ew.​

Direktor Otto Heikola​​ äußert sich wie folgt zu seinem Werk:

The inspiration for the song had come from an actual event in which boyish behaviour lead to tragedy. In the music video we decided to do something thematically similar, but on a much larger scale, set in the violent events of World War II with the band becoming part of the action.​

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