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Walter Gavitt Ferguson – King Of Calypso Limonense

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Vinyl (Stück)1
Gewicht (Gramm)180
Veröffentlicht am:21.06.2018

THE LEGENDARY TAPE RECORDINGS VOL. 1′ – 99 year-old Walter Gavitt Ferguson from Costa Rica is a humble soul and a living legend, a Calypsonian of mythical proportions. Rooted like an old tree on the Caribbean shore, he has never left his home town to look for fame, instead fame did come to look for him. Throughout eight decades, rumours of his musical gifts have attracted people from near and far, contesting Calypsonians, fans, tourists, musicologists, musicians, pilgrims and the President of the Republic. They once even moved a recording studio to his house as he refused to go to the city. But many years before that, Ferguson used to sell his legendary self recorded cassettes to travelers and music lovers from all around the globe. He never kept a copy for himself and with age started to forget many old compositions. A recently started, international „tape hunt“ was able to locate 9 such tapes in Canada and rescued 50 of his forgotten songs. Vol. 1 of this tropical treasure is now available, resurrected directly from original cassettes of the Calypso King.

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21,99 €

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