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Pro-Ject Elemental Phono USB Manueller Plattenspieler mit Phonovorstufe & USB Ausgang silber/schwarz

(3.5 / 5 bei 3 Stimmen)
Plattenspieler Hersteller

THOROUGHLY ENGINEERED FOR SUPERIOR SOUND Designed to take on the more usual ‚plastic‘ designs at this price, the Pro-Ject Elemental has the same basic engineering values of their usually much more expensive designs. So, rather than using plastic for the base and platter, Pro-Ject uses high density MDF. This provides many advantages including increased mass and better damping properties; both of which are ideal for providing lower distortion. A further advantage of the high mass platter is that it provides a more consistent speed, helping both pitch and timing consistency. USB OUTPUT FOR CONNECTION TO THE DIGITAL AGE Thanks to the standard USB socket, the Elemental USB becomes a whole lot more flexible. Connect up to your PC or laptop and you can record, via software, straight to your hard drive. From here simply burn on to CD or transfer to your digital music library. A further bonus is that the Elemental USB also has a phono stage built-in, meaning that you don’t need an amp with one built-in or a separate phono pre-amp. PLUG’N’PLAY EASE OF USE Despite offering genuine hi-fi sound, the Elemental has been designed to be as unintimidating as possible. From unboxing, all that’s needed is for the platter to be placed on the bearing, the belt attached, the stylus guard removed and you’re good to play. Both cartridge and counter weight are already fixed so there’s no need for complex adjustments. A STYLE STATEMENT As you’d expect from the makers of some of the funkiest turntables in the business, the Pro-Ject Elemental destroys the opposition in terms of style just as much as it does with sound. The stripped down aesthetic mirrors the minimalist look of their more expensive turntables and comes with a choice of coloured trim. Choose between classic silver, hot red or ice white for the look that best suits your preference.

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