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Cleaners From Venus – Midnight Cleaners

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Cleaners From Venus – Midnight Cleaners

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VOE-Datum: 21.04.2012

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Format: LP

Preis: 18.99

HNUM: 2488437

EAN: 0817949014735

Midnight Cleaners

Product Information

Martin Newell, founding Cleaner was, for the time being, alone and spent many long hours in an upstairs room of an old stable block, recording obsessively by himself most of 82′. Lol Elliot, the other Cleaner, came
back from time to time to time to help, but in effect, Midnight Cleaners – although not entirely a Newell solo project – was recognizably the last of the original Cleaners From Venus albums. It was also the end of the first chapter of their story. This album, previously only released on cassette, has been completely remastered. Midnight Cleaners hold two of the band’s biggest hits, „Only A Shadow“ and „Factory Boy.“ These two songs and more are now on vinyl and CD for the first time. This release brings about a new way to the iconic band.

Disk 1
1This Rainy Decade
2Time In Vain
3Only A Shadow
4Corridor Of Dreams
5Wivenhoe Bells (II)
6Midnight Cleaners
7Factory Boy
8A Wretched Street
9Don’t Worry About The Ads

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18,99 €

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.