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Chain Of Flowers – Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood And Bone

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Chain Of Flowers – Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood And Bone 2017

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VOE-Datum: 16.06.2017

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Format: SIN

Preis: 9.99

HNUM: 7239983

EAN: 0724190342107

Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood And Bone

Product Information

Cardiff’s Chain of Flowers return to Alter with their first new material since 2015’s self-titled debut album. Despite ‚Let Your Light In‘ offering a more optimistic tone to what fans of their debut may be used to, the charismatic guitar hooks, hazy vocals and fist-to-the-horizon anthemic qualities of the group are no less present. On this new found optimism, vocalist Josh explains: “ This song is an ode to love and companionship around the world, a gratuitous nod to the better aspects of the human race. A thank you for being you.“ ‚Flesh, Blood and Bone‘ on the other side channels perfectly the bombastic new wave ambition of early Simple Minds, alongside the dramatic post-punk melancholy of the Chameleons.

Disk 1
1Let your light in
2Flesh, blood and bone




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9,99 €

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.