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Beasts Of Bourbon – Box Set (Limited Edition)

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Beasts Of Bourbon – Box Set (Limited Edition) 2009

3 LP für 79.99

VOE-Datum: 06.11.2009

Lagerbestand: lieferbar innerhalb 1-2 Wochen
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Anzahl der Medien: 3

Format: LP

Preis: 79.99

*** limitiert auf 1000 Exemplare!

HNUM: 7755620

EAN: 8435008889241

Box Set (Limited Edition)

BANG! Records is proud to announce the release of these 3 legendary records, finally re-issued on vinyl, in deluxe Box Set edition, which includes: „AXEMAN’S JAZZ“ + „SOUR MASH“ + „BLACK MILK“. All 3 LPs with their artworks. (Note: 4 tracks previously unreleased on LP. See tracklist for details „*“).Inner booklet: texts of all band members in that line up, previously unseen pictures & lyrics of all songs and a Poster. These 3 albums are the result of the 1st period of mighty Australian band, The Beasts Of Bourbon, in period 1983-1990. During those years the line up of the band was: – Tex Perkins: vocals (Cruel Sea, Butcher Shop, etc) – Kim Salmon: guitar (Scientists, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, SALMON etc) – Spencer P. Jones. guitar (The Johnnys, The Slappers etc) – Boris Sujdovic: bass (Scientists, Dubrovniks, etc) – J…

Disk 1
# Titel
1 Evil Ruby
2 Love & Death
3 Graveyard Train
4 Psycho
5 Drop Out
6 Save Me A Place
7 Lonesome Bones
8 The Day Marty Robbins Died
9 Ten Wheels For Jesus
Disk 2
# Titel
1 Hard Work Drivin‘ Man
2 Hard For You
3 Watch Your Step
4 Playground
5 Door To Your Soul
6 These Are The Good Old Days
7 The Hate Inside
8 The Big Sleep (* Previously Unreleased On Lp)
9 Pig
10 Driver Man
11 Elvis Impersonator Blues (* Previously Unreleased On Lp)
12 Today I Started Loving You Again
13 Flathead (The Fugitive)
14 This Ol‘ Shit
15 Sun Gods
Disk 3
# Titel
1 Black Milk
2 Finger Lickin‘
3 Cool Fire
4 Bad Revisited
5 Hope You Find Your Way To Heaven
6 Words From A Woman To Her Man
7 I’m So Happy I Could Cry
8 You Let Me Down (* Previously Unreleased On Lp)
9 Let’s Get Funky
10 A Fate Much Worse Than Life
11 El Beasto
12 Blue Stranger
13 I’ve Let You Down Again
14 Blanc Garcon (* Previously Unreleased On Lp)
15 Execution Day
16 Rest In Peace

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79,99 €

inkl. MwSt.