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Interview mit Niklas Åström (EF)

PiN: What does your name mean?

EF: The two letters E and F are sacred. EF means everything. Without it there’d be 5 people travelling around the globe without identities. EF is why we gather every week to sweat, argue, fight and sweat some more – and create a little bit of music. EF is where we put all our money and hope that one day we’ll get some of it back. EF is what gives us the opportunity to meat lovely people all over the world. Shake their hands and listen to what they have to say. Maybe we get a hug, some nice words, sometimes we get some home made cookies. EF means everything.

PiN: Do you guys have day jobs besides EF? If so, what are they?

EF: Yes. EF is not bringing in enough cash to keep us floating. Some of us work with internet shop solutions, someone is selling jogging shoes and other sport equipment and one guy used to install and clean aquariums at rich peoples homes. And yeah – we also have that guy in Netherlands who’s trying to make a living out of playing music.

PiN: Please name 5 bands from the last century, that were influential for the post-rock genre in your mind.

EF: Top 5 is too easy… Everyone knows who the Big 5 are. But these 5 have been the biggest influences for EF;

– Godspeed You! Black Emperor
– Do Make Say Think
– Mogwai
– Cult Of Luna
– Sigur Rós : the ( ) album

PiN: What music were you listening to, when you were 19?

EF: When we were 19 most of us came out of the hardcore scene and started to listen to indie-emo-rock. A quite natural step after the true hardcore years. Stuff like Last Days of April, Mineral, Jimmy Eat World..
But again; the members of EF listen to so much different music. Everything from Michael Jackson to Wagner – From Refused to Perfume Genius – From Kanye West to Arcade Fire. And it was exactly as various when we were 10 years younger – but with other bands of course.

PiN: What is your favorite EF song?

EF: Many of us hold “Bear” as a personal favorite song and it’s amazing to play live when it’s the right conditions and people are totally quite during the piano/vocal hymn part in the middle… But then there are songs that are live favorites and record favorites. An album favorite of mine is “Longing for colors” but live favorites is always “Tomorrow my friend” and “Sons of ghosts”.

PiN: Who is your favorite rapper?

EF: I like Sage Francis earlier albums a lot. The new album of Aesop Rock is also great! And I’ve listened a lot to Kanye West. Though I’m not really into stuff like that. Our bass player Emanuel is the gangsta (a kind version of course) in EF.

PiN: What’s up next for the band?

EF: Well – we do this tour in September/October to promote the “Delusions of grandeur” 10” vinyl EP. In November we fly in to London for a concert at the massive venue Kings Hall w around 400 seated audience as a part of the LIFEM festival. This winter we’ll focus on writing the new songs to hopefully start record in the spring. And yes; it will be a full length album. We’re pointing for a fall 2013 release – but nothing is sure. Just cross your fingers and pre-order the “Delusions of grandeur” over at

Photo by:  Evelina Hjalmarsson

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